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Reasons why you need Steve at your Event

Internationally acclaimed magician Steve Knight combines magic, mind reading, and a cheeky smile to leave your audiences breathless and begging for more! Find out why Fortune 500 companies like Hilton, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM Count on one Entertainer to make an Impression at their Events!!!  And that’s not all! Steve has designed a number of unique magical presentations specifically for television and media work. Steve has performed his magic from the National Space Center to the Orient Express and LIVE on television and Radio! YES, Radio!. Steve Knight’s magic is uniquely tailored to incorporate your Guests, key executives, clients, management, and guests. Their minds are read, funny-bones tickled, psyches’ hypnotized, and of course, they will participate in, and witness state-of-the-art magical entertainment. Steve Knight’s magic often results in standing ovations, as a direct result of the group feeling the magic was created just for them, instead of another stock presentation of tricks.

Why You need Steve at YOUR WEDDING

Magician Steve Knight

A professional magician is a great addition to any wedding. They will get your guests talking and laughing and will provide lots of memorable moments and wonderful photo opportunities as people react to the magic. Steve will wow and delight your guests. For a few hundred pounds it will be one of the smaller parts of your wedding budget but will add something extraordinary to the day. So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, hire Steve to be your magician, and prepare to be amazed!

Magician Steve Knight
Magician Steve Knight
Magician Steve Knight
Magician Steve Knight








Steve Knight’s comedy is uniquely tailored to incorporate your key executives, clients, management, and guests. Their minds are read, funny-bones tickled, psyches’ hypnotized, and of course, they will participate in, and witness state-of-the-art entertainment. Steve Knight’s comedy often results in standing ovations, as a direct result of the group feeling the show was created just for them, instead of another stock presentation of jokes.

Magician Steve Knight

5 Reasons why you need Steve at your comedy club.


1. This act is like nothing else that will be on the bill.

2. Steve incorporates your audience and sponsors into the show.


3. Your guests will talk about Steve’s magic for months to come.

4. Steve will fill any “dead spots” during your evening, making the boring parts of the night the


5. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you are not 100% satisfied with Steve’s magic and comedy
you don’t owe a penny. Out of the 1000’s of clients Steve has worked for nobody has ever needed
to use this guarantee! Most clients continue to hire Steve again and again.


“Imagine if every customer went out happy,

even if their food was late or their stake was over cooked!”

Magician Steve Knight

Steve Knight was providing his customer management program to TGI . Disaster struck! The kitchen staff had to stop cooking food because they lost the Gas supply! The waiters started to tell the customers that they had to leave. TGI’s were going to pay for the customer's taxis home and for everything that was already on their bill. TGI Fridays were about to lose £1000’s. Fortunately, the customers didn't want to leave, they were happy eating late at home. They wanted to stay at the bar and buy drinks, they even stopped complaining. Why? Because they wanted to watch the magic of Steve Knight.





1. Steve Knight offers a money-back guarantee to draw people to your stand.
  If he is not successful then you don’t pay a penny!
2. Steve Knight even offers a CASH PRIZE to draw people to your stand!
3. Steve’s magic is used as a tool to make potential clients remember the key
  benefits that make your products unique.
4. Steve can make promotional models float in the air to draw attention to your
5. Steve Knight’s magic is uniquely tailored to incorporate your products,
  stand, staff, and customers.

6. Steve Knight's magic is so successful clients use him again and again.​

Magician Steve Knight

Steve Knight recently made front page news in several papers for attracting huge crowds to a trade show stand’s over the years .

Welcome, to Steve’s world of Magic.

Steve’s performances have been featured at exclusive venues around the globe, celebrity parties, international casinos, and high-end corporate events.  

In a career that continues with drive, passion, and dedication, Steve’s performances take's magic to a new level of perfection.

There are very few magicians who possess the magical combination of outstanding sleight of hand and great theatrical presentation, Steve Knight is one of the chosen few.

His magic has been featured at numerous venues around the world for top corporations and international celebrities. He would be the first to admit that great technique counts for nothing if it is not supported by a meaningful presentation. 

“I believe that great magic combined with a great presentation and humor can make all the difference and leaves an audience knowing that they have experienced something wonderful” 

It is this simple philosophy that has defined Steve’s place in the history of magic. His magic is a tribute to the wonderful artists who inspired him as a young man. Magicians who were his mentors; Tony Slydini, Alex Elmsley, and Harry Blackstone Jr., to name but just a few.

The Craftsman


Steve treats his audience with the utmost courtesy and respect. Once using magic as a means to overcome his own shyness, Steve now utilizes his art to draw his audience into a world of wonder and enchantment.

"I'm lucky to have the greatest job in the world, "says Steve."



Steve’s approach to the performance of magic is very simple; “Fool your audience, but be nice about it”. This approach combined with laughter and a cheeky smile is what audiences love about Steve's magic.

The secret to Steve’s magic is very simple; you have here a man who possesses the heart and soul of a magician. This spirit and passion for his profession are what makes the Steve Knight experience so unique in this modern era of entertainment, a rare commodity indeed. Now is your chance to take action and experience The Magic of Steve Knight for yourself. 

Steve would love to hear from YOU. 

Contact him today and find out how his skills can help you transform your next function into a memorable experience.


"Mix and Mingle"


This style of magic is performed entirely in the hands while Steve mingles with your guests, putting them at ease and bringing everyone together and a magical 'sparkle' to your event. 

This is particularly suited to venues where there is no specific performing area.

One of Steve’s great skills is approaching groups of people he has never met, and creating the feeling of warmth and instant connection.

He has the magical ability to create 'instant rapport with anyone. This makes it easy for a group of people to appreciate and accept his wonderful magic. The great benefit of this presentation is that there may be times when certain guests may not know some of the others present. Using his people skills,  after entertaining a group, Steve likes to leave them to socialize and get to know each other.


This is the real magic, bringing people together. This program is suitable for pre-dinner drinks, Wedding Receptions, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Networking Events, Cocktail Reception, and Business Lunches. The time for this program can run from 1 hour up to 2 and a half hours. Steve is prepared to be flexible with timings. 


Steve likes to use his magical skills as a tool for bringing people together 



Steve enjoys presenting his magic at each table between courses - this will continue right up to the coffee and desserts. This presentation can be anywhere from two and a half hours. The benefits of this format are that each table will enjoy an intimate 'mini' cabaret act lasting up to five minutes. Steve’s magic is visually stunning and combines humor and audience interaction. He is a master of this form of entertainment.


He fully appreciates that trying to enjoy a meal and watch a Magician perform is not the easiest of situations. However, his keen sense of timing and personable approach guarantee an enjoyable and relaxed time for all. 

This option is usually combined with the Cocktail Receptions program, providing a comprehensive evening’s entertainment.


Steve’s Parlour / Cabaret Show 


Here, Steve has drawn inspiration from the history of magic and created a show that educates as well as entertains. 

Performing classics like;  ‘The Cups and Balls' and The Magical Rings', you will feel the authenticity of the art, its heritage, and a connection to some of the great masters of a bygone era, but a performance style suited to the 21st century and with Steve's cheeky smile. 

Steve presents a show in a style reminiscent of the drawing-room entertainers of years gone by but updated for a modern audience. This is a wonderful experience of magic - once experienced never forgotten. 

What makes this show unique and different is that although there is much humor, the magic performed creates a long-lasting memory and a feeling of wonder. This program is suitable for an after-dinner cabaret, Stage, and small intimate theatre. 

Audience size: up to you...
Running Time: up to 1 hour - 90 minutes with an interval if presenting his One Man Show

Special Events


A special event represents a unique challenge because it has to be tailored to fulfill very specific criteria. Steve feels it is important to speak with you to discuss your event so that we can design a program that fulfills the required goals. 

Steve’s experience in performing at numerous private engagements over the years makes him fully qualified to assist you in creating the right solution for your very special event. 
Exclusive Private Events cover Weddings, Anniversaries, Celebrity Events, Birthday Celebrations, Media Events, High Profile Charity Events, and PR Events. 

So Call Steve now

For the best magic, you will ever see



Interactive Entertainment

Magician Steve Knight
Magician Steve Knight

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